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Star   Babies   Pre-K   school   is   offering   the   many   learned,   qualified   and   elegant   ladies   of   the   State   an opportunity   of   a   lifetime.   We   must   raise   the   standards   of   our   children’s   education   level,   if   we   are   to trade,   compete   and   establish   ourselves   in   the   world   today.   Education   is   the   base   factor   in   any   new developing   economy   and   successive   governments   have   tried   various   schemes,   put   in   place   much needed   infrastructure,   raised   learning   and   training   levels,   brought   in   the   RTE   Act   to   maintain standards.   But,   if   the   people   of   the   state   and   the   country   are   not   willing   to   change,   then   all   these become blame, casuality and failure reports in history. So,   change   yourself   first,   then   try   to   change   those   around   you.   We   need   to   expand   our   knowledge business   and   pray   you   will   take   up   this   challenge   to   establish   this   first   Punjab   preschool   franchise where   you   live.   12,500   villages   and   small   towns   need   to   change,   they   need   quality   education   & standards,   not   just   fees   profiteering   rackets   from   parents   hard   earned   money.   Take   a   look   at   our packages   on   offer   below,   make   a   decision,   give   us   a   call.   The   Govt   is   presently   offering   a   generous TREAD grant scheme for such  MSME   businesses, so dont hold back, take the plunge…!!
Business Starter Pack This   package   costs   around   8-12Lakh   and   is   best   suited   for   those   who   have   a   plot   of   land   around   1000- 3000sq   ft,   with   water,   electricity   and   generator   available.   We   need   4-6   classes   for   study   and   activity, some   local   qualified   teachers,   maid,   labor,   security   &   transport.   Suitable   training   will   be   given   by   us   at our   headquarters   and   we   will   do   most   of   the   hard   work   of   establishing   your   business,   taking   about   2-3 months.   The   minimum   for   any   Business   Pack   is   3yrs   and   a   one   time   setup   fee   is   all   we   ask,   as   per   your total   investment.   Builders,   carpentars,   plumbers,   painters   and   electricians   can   be   contracted   from   us   at discounted   rates   or   you   may   get   the   work   done   locally   according   to   your   needs.   Advertising   is   not included and the Franchise is renewable. Punjabi & Hindi are also included in this pack.
Professional Business Pack Suited   to   the   professionally   qualified   who   have   the   time,   commitment   and   dedication   to   change   young children’s   lives.   The   Starter   Pack   is   included   and   you   will   need   to   be   skilled   and   profficient   in   the   use   of tablets,   projectors   and   internet,   which   are   included   in   this   package.   We   also   provide   the   kids   class   room basic furniture, playground equipment, security cameras, recording DVR, safe drinking water + cooler. Advertising   is   not   included   and   the   Franchise   is   renewable.   Punjabi   &   Hindi   are   also   included   in   the pack.
Premium Business Pack You   want   the   best…then   this   has   the   Starter   and   Professional   Packs   included,   but   with   some   major changes.   You   get   two   brand   new   school   vans,   the   full   preschool   software   package   on   a   secure   laptop, advertising   worth   2-3Lakh   and   a   fully   functioning   website   thrown   in.   This   package   is   best   suited   to those   who   can   take   large   sized   loans,   less   grants   from   the   Govt,   have   other   investments   or   savings. Now   you   can   travel   the   world,   control   your   preschool   from   anywhere   via   the   Net,   without   any   tensions of the mind. Punjabi & Hindi are also included in the pack.
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Freelance Franchise Promoter
Become   a   freelance   franchise   promoter   for   us and   earn   a   decent   commission.   Just   download this   application,   fill   in   the   details   and   post   us the package. Promoter Application Form Q.    Can   I   become   a   ‘distributer   /   dealer’   in   my area for your preschool chain? Y es   you   can.    If   you   wish   to   setup   office   in   your local   town   or   city   and   become   a   ‘distributer’   of our   services   to   other   schools   or   new   preschool clients   in   your   area,   you   are   most   welcome   to contact    us    and    we    can    discuss    separate arrangements.   This   ‘privelege   offer’   can   only   be gained,     when     you     first     Franchise     a     new business   package   from   us,   and   act   as   leader’   for   the   other   preschool   clients.   You   will   be   held directly     responsible     for     the     performance, monitoring   and   support,   for   all   your   ‘dealership’ liasons.
Special Gram Panchayat Pack   (no dealership) The   Punjab   Panchayati   Raj   Act   1994,   Chapter   3,   30-12,   gives   the   Gram   Panchayat   the   responsibility   of “providing   such   educational   facilities   as   maybe   deemed   necessary   and   desirable”   to   their   village residents.   This   first   preschool   ‘Made   in   Punjab’   easily   caters   for   such   needs.   It   brings   English   to   all those   who   wish   to   raise   their   child’s   education   &   learning   to   international   levels.   It   is   not   a   choice   to make,   it’s   become   a   necessity   today.   This   preschool   pack   is   specially   tenured   for   10   years   and   we   only require   a   one   time   setup   fee   for   the   period.   All   other   expenses   will   be   bourne   by   the   Gram   Panchayat or their elected business partner from the village. Punjabi & Hindi are also included in all packs.